Hey goal-getter, burning the candle at both ends? Rundown from running your business?

You've got your hands dirty in starting your own entrepreneurial endeavor, but between good ole' Google and the pressures of social media, you're feeling 'whelmed (maybe not OVERwhelmed but just a little). Don't fret! You're in the right place! This resource library helps you turn, "what the hell am I doing" into "why the hell did I wait so long!" so you can trust yourself more and turn your passion into profit.

As a Waggler, you'll learn:

  • Strategic (stress-free) framework to DIY the basics of your brand

  • Actionable to-do lists and engaging workbooks

  • Templates used by successful professionals (hey, that's us!)

  • Personalized help and support 

  • No BS or bulk. Each module is broken down into "minisodes" that are 10 minutes or less and full of fun because you're busy: You've got cringy Netflix reality shows to binge, dog videos to obsess over, and of course, run a business!

You’ll walk away with the confidence, clarity, and support needed to showcase your business in its best light.
Made for business owners, by a business owner

For startups and small business owners, like you and me, we're professional plate spinners that balance burn-out, fear, insecurity, struggles with identifying your target audience, confusion on how to show up consistently across platforms, and financial stress to name a few. 

Years ago when I was starting my branding agency, Honey Creative, I struggled with these very same things and still do to some degree. I scoured the internet trying to find trusted resources that could guide me through these obstacles but to no avail, it felt like everyone wanted to keep their secrets or give generalities that weren’t helpful.

After years of trial and error, pivoting often, and learning from my mistakes, things began to shift. However, I discovered that many of my small business clients and friends were grappling with similar struggles, so I decided to be the guide that I once needed. Entrepreneurs gotta stick together! I created a simple process that offers business owners a low risk, low investment, opportunity to have virtual support, and resources to grow their business at their own pace.

Waggle Modules

Module One: The Basics
Setting up your business from the start. Coming Fall 2022!

Module Two: Brand Strategy 
Connecting with your target audience through authentic brand messaging. Available now!

Module Three: Design 101
DIYing design for non-designers. Coming Fall 2022!

Module Four: Content Marketing
Tips and tricks for crafting content that doesn't make you feel icky. Coming Fall 2022!

Pricing & What's Included

Module Two: Brand Strategy $75

  • 5 lessons in short video format (10 min on average) and transcripts:
    • 1.0 What is a brand?
    • 1.1 What is brand strategy and why you should care?
    • 1.2 Crafting your brand heart (mission, vision, and values)
    • 1.3 Identify your target audience
    • 1.4 Write your brand messaging
  • Per-lesson worksheets in editable Canva templates and printable PDFs
  • Bonus Brand Voice lesson

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